Release information of KikainekoMocker.

1.0.1 Release - 19 Dec 2006

Bug Fixes

  • Error in casting objects

1.0 Release - 2 Dec 2006

New Features

  • Support control flow statements (if,for,while,do-while)
  • Allow declaring of fields
  • Relaxation of the restricions on "Assert"

Specification Change

  • Support indeterminate values
  • Extend behaviour of pseudo-classes
    "Beyond the Test"
    • Judgement of side-effect method
    • Change style in conserving history

1.0 Release (Alpha) - 7 Sept 2006

New Features

  • Support all primitive types
  • Remove the need to override the setUp() method
  • Enable override of the tearDown() method
  • Support casting
  • Support of the default package
  • Handle exception test cases
  • Improve KikainekoMocker tool error handling
    Clarification of cause with detailed error messages
  • Support specifying the pseudo-class with DI and factory methods

Specification Change

  • Extend behaviour of pseudo-classes
    "Test as Definition" to "Test as Scenario"

Known Bugs or Problems

  • When executing from the plugin, an UnsupportedClassVersionError sometimes occurs.

0.9.6 Release - 26 July 2006

New Features

  • Class load feature

Specification Change

  • Change style of saving objects