A Tool which Generates Classes from Test Codes


KikainekoMocker is a tool which enables simple generatation of pseudo-classes (mocks, stubs, etc.) from test cases.
To begin with, please refer to "What can KikainekoMocker do?"

KikainekoMocker reads JUnit 3.1 test cases, and generates pseudo-classes, which pass the test case.

A demonstration is provided.

KikainekoMocker is tested under the following platform:

  • JDK 1.4 and over
  • Eclipse 3.2

  • KikainekoMocker is currently being developed with the support of IPA Exploratory Software Project.



Please download from SourceForge.

The latest version is KikainekoMocker 1.0.3



* Documentation is in preparation. Upon completion, the documentation will be released.



[Release] KikainekoMocker 1.0.1

A fix version of the following bugs:
* An error ocurrs when casting an object was detected.

[Release]KikainekoMocker 1.0

KikainekoMocker v1.0 has been released for upgrade. The following features has been added. Official documents will be released later on.
The problem with the plugin has been resolved.
If problems still occur, please refer to "Dealing with KikainekoMocker Problems"

  • Support control flow statements (if,for,while,do-while)
  • Support indeterminate values
  • Allow declaring of fields
  • Relaxation of the restrictions on "Assert"
  • Beyond the Test (Extending the internal behavior the pseudo-class)
    • Judgement of side-effect method
    • Change style in conserving history

[Release] KikainekoMocker 1.0 alpha

The trouble of the Eclipse plugin has not been handled, but for the meantime, the KikainekoMocker runtime has been released for upgrade. Official documents will be released later on.
The following are the main changes:

  • Support of Exception Test Cases
  • Remove the following constraints: the use of setUp/tearDown, default package
  • Support all primitive types
  • Support Casting
  • Improve KikainekoMocker Tool Error Support
  • Support DI and factory methods
  • Change Internal Behaviour of Simulated-Classes

Gotta do something about the plugin...

[Error Report] When executing from the plugin, an UnsupportedClassVersionError sometimes occurs.

Probably, due to different JDK version of compling the plugin and the Kikaineko runtime. Planning to deal with it ASAP.
Until then, please use KikainekoMocker throught the Text UI.

[Release] KikainekoMocker 0.9.6

The following are the main changes:

  • Class Load Feature
  • Change in Style of Saving Objects



Special Thanks

Tsunenaga Hanyuda: For making the KikainekoMocker character.

IPA Exploratory Software Project